501st LINKS

The 501st Legion – The Offical Home Page of the 501st

The 501st ECG – Our neighbors to the South

The 501st NEG – Our neighbors to the North

FRIENDS of the CTG – The Offical Home page of the greatest Saga ever told – Your Daily Dose of Star Wars anything

Connecticut’s home of
the Rebellion – Kamino Base

The Rebellion has infiltrated
northern New England Rebels – Alderaan Base

Sarge’s Comics – New London, CT’s premiere Comic Shop

Connecticut’s own comic convention – A Show for the Fans, by the Fans!


The Dented Helmet – Discussion about Boba/Jango Fett costumes – Do It Yourself Star Wars props

Omega Wing – Anything and everything Tie Pilot

The White Armor Chronicles – Tips and tricks for your costumes

Davin Felth – An in depth site about the Sandtrooper Davin Felth

Mos Eisley Police Department – Where the Sandtroopers are at

PVC Blaster Builders – When a $300 piece of cut-up junk wont do – Discussion about Ep. II and III Clone Troopers

Build A Scout – Tutorial by our own TB- 8673 – Discussion Forum for Biker Scout

C3PO Builders – Discussion about 3PO and other droid costumes – The Royal Guard Detachment’s home
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