THE CTG at Starwars Celebration 7!

The 501st Legion, Connecticut Garrison was WELL represented at this years Starwars Celebration 7!


(Left: DZ-21382, Samantha Dennett, Middle: Erik Yacko, Right: TI-3425, Matt Riggins)


(Hey, rebel scum! Imperial Spy TI-3425, Matt Riggins, in his Bith on the Cantina Set playing that same ‘ol song during the Starwars Celebration Live Stream Day 3!!)


(And look! DZ-21382, Samantha Dennett, hanging out at the Cantina Bar Set too for the Starwars Celebration Live Stream Day 4 for!!)


(TI-3425, Matt Riggins, Imperial Spy for the CTG with a selfie from the insane crowd of the 501st Legion Group Photo)


(The 501st Legion Group Photo at Starwars Celebration 7 in Anaheim, CA! And yes, that’s Peter Mayhew! AKA Chewbacca!) — Official Photo by Mark Edwards

CTG at Celebration 7 in Anaheim!


Starwars Celebration 7 is in Anaheim, California this year! And while the CTG may be on the east coast, we have some members traveling (as well as one imperial spy located in California) to this amazing Starwars Convention!

Our members will be live updating a Twitter Feed right here on our site with photos and information from the convention, so stick around folks, there is a lot more to come!